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Addictive yet challenging

I love both the console version and the mobile version of this game. The only problem I have with IN2 mobile is the 1% chance of getting gold characters. And how hard it is to get Gems. Beyond that, I love how much the mobile and console version has evolved and can't wait to see how much farther it goes!

Step in the right direction

Added story mode 5. Finally brought back the old gear pack. Heartbreaker Harley Quinn from operations. Still have work to do like lowering the cost of gear material to upgrade a character. The tag in needs fixing along with pressing the special like a million times before it activates.

Injustice 2

One of the best games I’ve ever played!!


Can you add friends to fight

Love It

Great game

Why so many updates and why does it take so long?

Stop with the constant updates. Throw a bunch of cool stuff in and leave it for a while. Plus, is there a way to speed up the update. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes updates much faster and that’s along the same lines as this game.


Please fix the Arena. It seems like every time I go and fight opponents my characters abilities and blocking are harder and harder to use I tap on them constantly and it seems like nothing really works and it allows my opponent to follow up with their special or ability and knock my players out. It makes it very hard to enjoy the arena anymore. Along with that the app sometimes closes at random sometimes during battles, overall the game is amazing I've been playing since it first came out and the updates get better and better.

Good game

Love it

Cheapest developers ever

Don’t waste your time on this game unless you have $1000 to spend on such a game that is no fun. Just fighting system. Btw I said that after wasting soo much of my time. I’m level 51 and ONLY have 670k might. Unbelievable

I’ve been robbed!

With this recent update, I’ve lost two orbs and close to 10K threat on each of my characters!!! What’s up with that???

More changes, worst result

With this last update: - the intro looks horrible - all the efforts for improving characters to the trash - during the battles the switch sometimes (the majority of time) does not work - are you improving the game? Really?

Injustice 2

It's not linking up to my XBox 1 console!

Injustice 2

I love the game. And the action in it. Can’t wait for a 3rd injustice game.


It’s not optimized for the iPhone X and the graphics could use some work

Updates take forever

While the game is enjoyable and great for stress relief, the “updates” take so long to load that daily bonuses are lost and the game doesn’t seem worth the hassle. I’ve been waiting on the current update to load for almost 36 hours...and it started over! If it doesn’t finish soon, I’ll find something better to do, like visit the dentist.


If WB games has any kind of conscience then they would help me instead of just saying we’re sorry you lost your account. THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!! Spent so much money on this game, and it screwed me over!!! 🤬

Love this game, but....

Since the last update, it’s almost impossible to win at an arena battle because they made the scores of the other person go up so much compared to your. Sometimes it’s almost triple what your strength is.

Pretty good but...

While I have fallen in love with this game, it takes a long time to get all those shards. I have no problem with this as I think it makes you overjoyed when you get Classic Superman or whatever. Overall: 👍🏻👏🏻

A fun game

It’s really funny but not great


Where are the ninja turtles? Come on guys 😜😂


The games predecessor was better for power ups than this one. Trying to power up an existing hero is more like a gamble than skill with you being unable to choose the shards you want. The fun wears out quickly when you’re forced to spend real money if you wanna progress further.

Fun at first like others say.....

The problem with that is it cost too much to keep up with everybody else and the rest of the game. Once you get to A certain stage it is impossible to beat with just a regular character. And when spending money on here you don’t get what you pay for kind of pisses me off. Hardly ever get a gold character. So if there’s someway that the creators can send me a couple Gold 5 star characters that would be fantastic. I will change my 1 star rating to a 5 star if they make that happen. Thank you

Fun but not fun

It was very fun to see another mobile Injustice game. I am a big fan of the Injustice games so it was fun to see more characters. What I think should have happened is all the characters from the first mobile Injustice game. The game was amazing and fun but the graphics were worse then the first mobile Injustice game and it was so light and when you did a super move the colors would barely fly. I still love this game tho!

Game review


Time Killer

Gr8 time killer. 😅


Lost all my hard work when I switched from phone to another. Game would not allow me to sign into Game Center. They’re support just blew me off when I put a support ticket in...

What the heck?

So I downloaded this game and me and my young kiddo had fun playing it together so I bought the beginner pack and now I suddenly can’t play because the game says there’s a update that isn’t really there!!!

Fix arena bug

The arena power threat don’t make any sense now you only get two options other 5 times stronger than you or 5 times lower please fix it it was good before this update thank you

Unexpected, unwelcomed changes in 2.2.1

On the plus side, the gameplay, character design, UI and navigation (especially with the improvents in 2.2) of the game are top notch. There's a way to invest money direct to get character tera, instead of always relying on in-game currencies. On the other hand, with the recent update, developers decided to reduce damage done (nerf) by various characters' abilities without any prior warning. The intentions of the developers are clear that they want the damage to match what is actually advertised for the character. However, the problem is that many of these characters, such as EGL, PBM have been functioning the same way for a few months, developers never mentioned that the extra damage done by these characters was a bug, and people invested hundreds of dollars to improve these characters. And all of a sudden the update went behind everybody's backs to 'fix' these broken damages. Even if these higher than expected damages were because of a bug, due to these being present for so long, and never been acknowledged by the developers, these were part of the customers' decision making when they invested money into upgrading characters. Please take some time and take a look at the class action lawsuit against Sony (which Sony lost) for taking out the option of installing Linux on PS3 consoles retroactively. People paid money for them expecting the original behaviour. The features should not be taken away after people have already paid money for them. Food for thought.

Still not optimized for iPhone X

It’s very good. Stamina refreshes too slowly hence why the 4/5 stars also really pay to win in arena but that’s pretty prevalent in most games now. The update made huge improvements to the a.i. Arena now much better too as far as rewards for fighting higher opponents go. Game rewards skill/tactics. Fella pretty well balanced. Also get justice league cyborg ASAP his basic attack buff is imba!!! Newest update reduced the resolution even more. Lowering the star rating cause at this point I might as well have kept a 5s...


Play it because I don’t Spend the money because it is a huge rip off they will never give you anything worth having takes Entirely too long to live a little character entirely too long to Level up characters all the actions but all the characters or rather repetitive after the first couple weeks to get really old really quick then again do not spend any real world money on this game it is a rip off

Ver 2.3.1 arena fail (again)

Come on guys. I have a team threat of 100k and I have the “option” of taking on a 300k or 400k opponent in the arena? Orrrrrrr...I have the option to take on a opponent with a team threat of 4,000...Can anyone explain the desire to pick either of those scenarios? If your going to give people options in arena (which in itself is fantastic) then you need to fire whoever is responsible for the matchmaking algorithms. Pre-2.2 arena, while very grindy, was at least fair.

Blatant money grab

Keep your money. This app doesn’t respect it’s customers. We should be able to buy who we want!!!

Injustice 2

Since the last the arena battles are to one sided. It really takes the fun out of them. Please fix it.

Loading app error

Now don’t get me wrong this is a wonderful game. Love playing it but I am having a little problem loading the app. When I would open the app it used to say “ERROR try again” and I did but it wouldn’t work. As days have gone by it still said the same thing then I open then I open the app to try again and now it says “It must be updated. Go to the AppStore and update it” so I clicked okay then it took me to the AppStore and there is now update saying I needed it updated so whether it’s my device or the game it’s screwed up.


Man I have been excited about the turtles coming and it’s more of the same characters We are going to have like 10-15 Batman’s, Superman’s, ext...... Before they get here

Edited : Worse game I have played

Edit to my below review This game has gotten soooo much better than it was!!! Works much smoother and does glitch out hardly ever anymore!!! Only things I’d say could be better are league rewards from raids/once a raid has been completed reduce the raid cool down timer, and also make it easier to switch between each set of gear like you did with the heroes by adding a previous / next button in the gear menu.!! That is all for now!!! Keep up the good work on improving!!! THe mechanics in this game are absolute crap!!! So many delays and glitches....take a note from marvel contest of champions!!! They absolutely destroy your game!!! It’s a surprise ppl play this game!!! It’s a shame that your game is this bad for as big and successful of a company....put some time and effort into your game!!

Game is good but....

For the love of God, update for iPhone X optimization...

so expensive

Active player. updates keep getting worse.

Red Hood locked in League Store

I waited nearly a year to be able to play as Red Hood in Injustice 2 Mobile. Now I have to wait another year before I can unlock him 6 Star. He should’ve been a Challenge Character or at minimum be able to purchase a Red Hood Starter Pack. NRS just screwed up big time.

network error

Network error! Network error! Network error! Can’t connect the service forever,even though I use vpn. I’m very disappointed for Warner.

Completely Unfair

Every match is completely unfair because the Ai opponents have an unfair advantage every fight, they can magically block attacks that would be impossible for you to block. They can move around flawlessly while you can barely move back or forward, they’re extremely precise with they’re special attacks where your even lucky if yours will work after repeatedly hitting the special attack button and specials don’t seem to work half the time anyway. Such a crap game & I hate saying that because I’m huge DC fan but this game ruins my enjoyment of DC


I been playing it with my girlfriend I gave it a 5 Star because there really isn’t anything wrong with it BUT...I already said something to you guys on Twitter and you guys said you would look into it and it’s about battling friends for fun


Fun enough, game play is not very reactive. Developers should play Marvels Contest Of Champions and see what fluid game play feels like. Would love to be able to swipe left once and be able to dodge incoming attack.. needs a lot of work. Again, Marvel crushes DC

DC SHOVELWARE - Devs who don’t fix Game-Breaking Problems

Raids are cheap an the bosses use impossible tactics. They ave zero recovery time, effortlessly hit you with endless Abilities, and read every move. NeatherRealm make them worse each update. Gear drops are virtually nonexistent. Nice way to reward regular play. We make the environ for your whales. Make it more even handed This is such a broken game. It has been out for a year but they still haven’t gotten accurate or responsive controls. The AI only gets worse with time and the requirements to be mildly competitive increase geometrically. Loathe any updates. You’ve been warned. See a smattering of valid points about why below: These morons don’t fix anything. Arena is garbage. AI is able to steamroll you because NetherRealm still hasn’t fixed the stinking control inputs. It still takes 2 sec for inputs to register. Jumps and sweeps never work. AI gets hit priority and does full damage with no combo meter. They introduce raids where it’s possible to get gear drops but then reduce the drop rate in Campaign by 95%. I’m sick of 1 and 2 pieces of gear dropping per day. It’s still impossible to make any progress. Your Whale catering is making a bad situation even worse. In addition, the promise of better shard drops in Raids is worthless. I consistently place 1st or 2nd but 90% of the time get 10 shards for some worthless character. Come on! In addition, Arena rewards less and less while pushing you into lower and lower brackets. It takes 7 seasons to unlock a single character now while it was possible to do so in 2 before. Still no Mythic Wonder Woman. Your chest drop rates are robbery too. I can’t wait to see when you get what’s coming to you. There will be so many cheering who have been victimized by your unethical and morally corrupt business practices and game design. You have three major areas to fix: 1. Control inputs 2. AI, it shouldn’t always get priority nor be able to read every single move. 3. Arena - give dome decent rewards. 25 shards for 6 hours in Arena is not fair.


Oof game is fantastic

Injustice 1 was way better

Read everyone else’s reviews, that’ll sum up the game for you.

Good game/ bad gameplay

The cast of characters and the game itself is pretty fun. The gameplay, lag and inconsistency make it really hard to get into. It’s good for a free game but don’t put any $ into it.

Don’t play on iPhone 6

If you play this on iPhone 6 the game is so laggy that you can’t even fight. These developers obviously don’t care about people on iPhone 6. The story mode is so dumb because I lose because I can’t even move, this is the worst game ever!!!

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