Injustice 2 App Reviews

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Won’t let me play

My brother played Injustice 2 and I wanted to play it so I downloaded the game and you know what happened I couldn’t go on because I was stuck in the rewards section and I couldn’t even tap home

Terrible game

Not a good game, but due to their recent movies I’m not surprised.


The game won’t let me pass the tutorial it tells me to upgrade Batman’s abilities but it says I need level three and it won’t let me press anything else

Terrible update

This game was dang good until the latest update, but whoever is responsible for approving the most recent changes should be performance managed out of his/her role lol. Attacking is now super difficult; can’t rush attack consistently, the AI opponent evades all the time to where battles time out due to lack of aggression, the block ability 2 for characters doesn’t work and they instead swing for an attack, and tag-in attacks are inconsistent between 1 and 2 swings. Chat services are consistently down and they keep defaulting to global chat instead of league chat. Brainiac 3 is way more difficult to defeat in raids. Our league used to be able to handle him easily on level V difficulty, now we can’t get past him. Finally, these Batman ninja characters are stupid. Just my opinion.

new update made it bad

loading hangs up and/or crashes.. controls lags

Please fix this!!!

This game was good until I updated it. Now it crashes and won’t let me log in. Please fix this as soon as possible so we can start playing the game again!!!

Constant crashing!!

I love playing this game, but it's always crashing on me. More often now than when I first downloaded it. If it wasn't for this glitch, I'd give it a 5 star. It doesn't stay open long enough for me to enjoy story mode or challenges. I can’t even get past the intro screen before the app automatically closes on me. This started happening after the last update. Anyone else having this issue??

The application won’t even start

I open the app and it closes smh

Worst update ever

Unfortunately the most important part of the game is completely broken: fighting. Game mechanics are so bad that it’s not enjoyable at all to play.

Update lost all of my data on both devices

I lost all my data upon updating and WB has not responded to my email, therefore countless hours have been wasted

Can be much better

plz make it available offline it is good when u can play it even when u don’t have internet

Game is Crashing

Every time it gets to the loading screen, the green bar fills and then closes out of the app. I’ve tried it several times and I’m still having the same issue.

Just Fix It lol

Crashes on Start up. 5 Stars just because it should give y’all the attention when discussing success over failures 😁 . Lol but foreal, fix it.

No backup also crashes a lot

I’ve been playing this game since its been out on the App Store I had a lot of gold characters and I deleted the game and I connected that account to the Game Center and guess what I signed in and It recovered my old account and it crashes all the time now

Restarted my account ?!?!

I had an account that was worked on hard and was level 67 with a bunch of characters unlocked already and for some reason the game just restarted and I lost everything it’s very frustrating because I paid for stuff I game please fix it

Update 2.4 Review

They simply ruined the gameplay. They tried to improve the AI. But instead they just limited the control the player has so they’re helpless.


After I updated the game it will load up and then keep closing out the game and it hasn’t done that until I updated it just now please fix I spent to much money and time to delete and reinstall it again

Great game destroyed by gambling

This game has a loot crate system designed to elicit frustration and keep the player paying until they get the character they want. There is also a gem currency in game you buy to separate the player from the real money they are spending. Unethical psychological tricks to get players to spend hundreds, if not thousands on a “free” game. This should be illegal.

Fun but some inconsistencies

Understand having to “grind” for gear, level, items....gameplay is generally fun but the thing I have trouble reconciling in Arena play is that the A.I. has the ability to activate the Supermove before the bars reach full “Yellow” especially if it’s losing. Block and attacks are also not symmetrical especially if you want to activate an Ability. Also, not a fan of fact cannot gain level advance orbs unless am part of a League; enjoy the game and advancing on my own terms, not advancing subject to whether I “belong”...need to make the orbs accessible to “loner” players like me! 7/20/18: Just updating my rating; I still like the game but am trying to understand the change in “mechanics” as am now finding Arena play even more irritating...if the A.I. Play is being more adaptive/intuitive, why isn’t the actual player responses keeping more in “real time” as well? The lag between screen tap and ability activation seems “enormous” as I end up having to tap several times it for ANYTHING to happen (no, my tablet is not “old”...just bought it last month)...and why is the A.I.’s “block and evade” more effective? I have to backswipe 2-3 times and even then my distance is only half of what the computer’s is when it evades. Thanks for the updates but IMO you also decreased the “fun factor” by 1 Star.

Bad Update

I Just Updated The App And It Crashes Right At The Start Screen...

18 JUL update


Horrible Game Fighting Mechanics

The fighting mechanics in this game are broken. Many battles that ive been in always has a flaw such as my block not working leading to the opponent starting a combo on me and using his abilities right away when it should not have happened.


Same crap with the new update




Every time I try to play it always crashes


I can’t open application this morning What’s wrong with my phone..???

After the recent update, I lost all my data from Game Center.

I was level 65 with threat more than 2 million and I spent a lot on this game, however, after the recent update, I was logged out while I was playing JJC and automatically login a new level account. All my data was lost.

Update has crashed game

I love the game but this last update has caused me to lose all progress and is stuck at logging in with a level 1 account frozen on the Wonder Woman tutorial. I have been a day 1 player with this game and have endured the previous updates that have caused the game to crash and the App Store doesn’t even show an update for the game. I still get push notifications that my league has started a raid and yet when I try to access the notification it takes me to the same frozen login in... this is ridiculous. I have emailed tech support and still can’t get my account back.... come on tech guys.


Just downloaded the upgrade and now I can’t play the game because it glitches

Was Great

Was Going Good Until I Had To Update Now It Crashes On Start Up 😑

Scan cards

I have some of the best cards can you please make it so you can scan cards?


This game is so buggy. If I could give them 0 Star I would. I ended up deleting it like a year ago. Now that im back and wanted to give it a try and it won’t load pass 10%. I have an awesome internet so that’s not it. O well. This is a shame

Arena Battles?

I’ve been playing arena battles and the game is taking away complete levels from my score at one time. I was on Competitor 2, then I was down to Challenger 3.

No funciona en iphone 8 plus

No funciona no enciende se carga y se sale arreglen el ERROR


I love injustice 2, but going on today I was able to log on once, play a little while and then the game crashed. I tried all the trouble shooting tips from the developer website, but the game keeps crashing. I'm at a loss, I really want to play the game

Fix your update

This update is junk. Crashes when you open the app. Do you guys actually test updates??

Good Game

I’ve got this game a while ago, and I have been really liking it. Although, I do have a few problems with the game. Now a days, getting gold characters in the game is not guaranteed from chests. In the game, gems are the currency that buys hero chests(not basic chests). At the begging of the game it’s easier to get gems. But after playing for a long time gem achievements run out. What I’m saying is that it is very hard to get gold characters which is super annoying. From chests, you have a chance percentage to get a gold character. From the premium hero chest(250 gems) you have a 20% chance to get a gold or a legendary. This makes it very time consuming which ends up annoying. Overall I love the game, but I wish they had guarantee gold chests. Even if it costs a lot of gems.

Good luck loading in

Crashes all the time


The tutorial won’t work help

Bugs/Glitches Everywhere

This game is full of problems. Controls not working, progression incredibly slow and indirect. RNG for almost every aspect. The worst part though is the bugs and glitches that ruin gameplay especially the raids and what’s worse is the ridiculously slow response to address and or fix any of this. I still play but it’s not worthy of a cent.

Too many bugs.

The game won’t even start before crashing.

No update for iphone X...?

I mean... Even minesweeper supports iphone X , but not Injustice 2? It's been a year seriously guys what the heck


I give it a one star cause every time I try to open the app it closes me out right away


I downloaded this game again and loaded all my saved data and the game keeps on crashing

Injustice 2

The app will not open sometimes wen I’m loading in other than that the game is awesome I beat 2 parts of the campaign

App crashes !!!!

I tried to go into the game and it just crashes every time fix it


I’m unable to play. It crashes upon loading

Petty stupid company

No chance of back up or getting back account and if a “boy’ finds you offensive, you get blocked. I got blocked after I lost my account several times, same thing with mortal Kombat. Now I’m blocked for having an offensive name ?!? ... F.U.

Took all my characters

I will change this rating to a good solid 4 cause it’s a good game but recently it’s taken all my characters and restarted me from the beginning of the game


If I could give this 0 stars I would ... game stuck on screen won’t let me click on anything and won’t let me link to my game on my console ... literally the biggest waste of an app ever made .

  • send link to app