Injustice 2 App Reviews

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Game needs a restart button

I can’t play it because my brother already has progress in the game so I can’t have a fresh start.


the game is fun but sometimes it would slow down or lag to the point where when im winning i’ll lose because it become unresponsive. need to fix or make a patch so it doesnt happen

New function

Should be able to use a controller that is Bluetoothed to your phone in the game like your playing it on console plus it needs to be a easier to earn rewards



Best Game Ever

At first the game was a little bit boring but now it was a blast playing this game. There are more than 15 characters in this game including characters from Mortal Kombat.


My superhero icon in story made does not show.

Where's the Flash????? ARENA POINTS!?!?

Why does the new Justice League update not include Ezra Miller's flash????? And ANOTHER thing. Why did the point system in the arena change???? It is WAYYYYTT harder than before. I got 800,000 points and spent HOURS AND HOURS doing it and STILL didn't even get close to getting Justice League Aquaman. I am VERY disappointed with the change in the arena. It needs to be fixed.



Played 2 min and raged😤🤖

🤖+💩+🤕= cyborg invading my Match

Doesn’t work

I tried to load up that game but it always says “A network error has occurred. Please try again later. Error code:570” but then when I try again later it still doesn’t work and I have to delete the game and then re download it and it still keeps telling me the same thing. Please help solve this problem. I’m on iOS 11.1.2

Won’t work

I deleted this game due to storage reasons and just re-downloaded it but every time I try to get on the game it says network error but there is nothing wrong with my network plz help


I'm so mad they switched out deadshot for deathstroke. I'm going to be playing injustice, God among us. This is really the only character I used..:(

Error Code 570

Can’t get it to boot up. Keeps getting an Error Code 570 at the load screen. Would love to be able to connect to my game at home. Please fix this issue.

Great game for people who pay

I loved the first one and this one is I dare say is even better, but, this game is so greedy. Not only is it hard to grind gems for free but the loot boxes have a very low drop rate for gold characters. Bring back the injustice 1 format for buying gold characters and I'll play it.

Won’t let me play

Every time I open the app it says error and I can’t play


The good news is it's free....unless you want to progress at a even somewhat reasonable rate. Then you need to spend money for a chance to get something you might want. This game takes micro transaction loot crates to a new level. Unlike previous games, you can't "buy" what you want with in game currency, you have to get a loot box. Every aspect of this game is random, and drop rates are terrible. All games have bugs, but this game makes little effort to fix them. Contacting customer support is pointless because they won't respond. I've reported some issues several times over the last few months and have never heard back. Finally, they aren't exactly honest. On at least two occasions, they've introduced a special addition that didn't do what they said it would. For example, a "Halloween grab bag" was release with a very misleading description. It was pulled the first day, and they said it would be replace with something special. That something special was a typical sale with the picture of a pumpkin on it. Kind of crappy to promise a free loot box, pull it, and replace it with something that costs real money. But like I said at the beginning, it's free. Try it out, but save your money and resist in game purchases. You won't get much for your money, and future updates will probably continue to effect the playability in a negative way. Plus, given the current outcry regarding in-game loot boxes, the game probably won't have much of a life left. If such "features" end up falling into the "gambling" category, this game will end because it's built around random drops and a painfully slow progression system designed to frustrate the player into saying "well, maybe I'll just make this one purchase..."


It’s stuck at level one and I can’t press start battle

Love it

It’s so fun and easy to play. I enjoy the characters and love it when I get new ones. It’s also nice to see updates with new characters

Cheap and Greedy

It keeps saying error code 570 they don't care about new players all they care about is money to fully enjoy the game you need to pay

Wheres The Flash?

Flash fans like me are probably wondering why did u not put in the flash from justice league? U changed every other justice league characters but what about Flash. But besides that the game is great.

Game has problems

Every time I open the game and it starts loading.It brings up an error with the connection. Please fix this fast

Can’t play

The game won’t open.

Money grab

Just out to get your money and is desecrating DC Comics. Pitiful....

Very good, but flawed with micro transactions

This game is awesome, love the grind but I think micro transactions ruin this game. What I mean by these micro transactions ruining this game, I mean that it takes away all the grind, the ways of earning characters and materials in this game. Yes it’s fine to have micro transactions but it’s in acceptable for it to take over by practically being the only thing to get most characters and most materials such as gems, shards, credits, characters and etc. In all, this game is great but please let players find more ways to get characters and materials.

Really Good

I’ve played this game for about a year now and It is really good. They made lots of changes from the first Injustice which I think was necessary. Overall this game is totally recommended

Cannot play

Error code 570 all the time


Every time I try playing the game I get an “Error 570”. Have tried emailing WB to no avail. If one of the devs see this please advise! Thank You! Game is pretty good. I wouldn’t be going through all this trouble to play a bad game😊

Missing chapters? Bugs also

Is the story only 4 chapters long on mobile? Because that’s a huge cliff hanger for me also the blocking on my part is very slow it’s as if the ai know I’m about to block. In the arena I’ve found it ludicrous that my power is at 60,000 and those with less sometimes 20,000 less can somehow stomp me like if my rating is at 5,000 !!! Great game though it looks amazing but those 2 things are my major complaints


Awesome game graPhics on point👌🏽

Good Game

I really like this game I really recommend it for people who like superheroes and mortal combat I love this game

Needs bug fixer

The game lags and gets stuck in the middle of the battle. App just shuts down automatically. The app restarts if you multitask and you loose your ongoing battle. This has been going for over three weeks now. I use iPhone 7 and such a fuckall gaming experience is not expected for a phone that seamlessly supports games that uses RAM higher than INJUSTICE 2!!!!!!

iphone X problems?

The game wont start up on my new iPhone 10. It saids Error connecting to server... NON PLAYABLE.

My $600 profile is lost, WB will not respond

Final update: my profile was actually worth $862 dollars but purchases have now been restored. Word to the wise, the only reimbursement or restoration WB can/will do for you will be strictly what you paid for. Nothing acquired through arena nor challenges, nor extras like through operations (catwoman), nothing gets restored. Another thing you are S.O.L. With are any equipment upgrades you do which is really the shitz when you get up to 40 on some of them. Once again, no phone costumer service for this game. Still, playing this game is a lot of fun. He_Lives once again, Peace Update: it has now been 3 weeks since I emailed them about my issue and I am still being ignored. Unbelievable! I’ve never been blown off like this from any respectable company before. My user name is He_Lives. I really liked playing this game but I ran into a problem that caught me by surprise. Two problems to be exact. 1). Could not use Game Center in iOS to play my game on other devices. The problem, no customer service. I got a generic troubleshooting email when I reached out to them that did not help and that was it. Unlike games like Mortal Kombat X and a list of others that have phone support, no one can help you with Injustice 2! Result of this led to problem 2). 2). Followed steps offered by WB games on their website to a “T” to try to get my profile on my iPad mini because having the game on my iPhone distracted me so much. The problem: WB site told me to unlink my profile with Game Center and now, my profile is LOST. When I reinstalled the game, Game Center linked to the new profile on the freshly downloaded app. The result- my $600 profile is gone and I cannot play the game on either my iPhone or iPad. My complaint- THERE IS NO PHONE SUPPORT FOR THIS GAME! If you run into any problems, you are at the mercy of unresponsive emails! It’s been almost a week since I emailed WB Games again and no one has gotten back with me. My advise- I know the game is fun, but watch your back when playing it and spending money on it because WB Games has no time for players of IJ2, or they simply do not care. I guess we’ll see. Conclusion- Either way I am out of both my money and the ability to play the game, and no one has helped me.


No words this game is just so amazing!


I have one question and the reason why am saying good into stars is I don’t know what the second thing down is supposed to do for me when I opened it up I have 9+ but I don’t know how well I have 9+ up help

Poor customer service

I had a terrible experience with customer support. I misunderstood a poorly worded in-app purchase. When I contacted customer support I was told that he couldn’t help me and he closed the ticket before I had a chance to respond. I’m actually embarrassed to say this, but I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game, and to receive such unsatisfactory help was disappointing. I’ve deleted the game and won’t be going back. It’s strange to me that they wouldn’t treat me better, as I’m a long time customer and they’ve now lost my business. It would have been easy to help. Oh well.

Let us be able to dodge ultimate attacks!


Good game

I think it should be a little easier to get the characters that you want


Okay game and love that we start with 3 heroes but the shard system is intentionally designed to encourage any of us, and addictive personalities, to spend real $$$ and increased benefits then gets the addictive personality to spend more and more. And in-app purchases is the new marketplace for video games. I’d rather pay $99 and spend time playing the game to build up the team with no in-app purchases. If they had that in the 80’s, NES/Sega era, how many would have maxed out their or their parent’s credit card to buy lives, to buy upgrades?

Error code 570

I just installed the game and when I got to the download content screen, this code keeps showing up. I can't even play this game anymore? What is wrong with this game!

Best game for iPhone

I got injustice awhile back and it has been great so fun to play and true to the DC comics

Network issue

I can’t play the game because an error occurs every time I try to play but when I go on other apps like YouTube or google the internet works fine. I don’t know if it’s just a problem with my internet or the game. If there is a way you can fix the problem if it is a problem with the game please fix it.


It is not that cool that the growth pack is 19.99

Where is Flash?

The latest update with the Justice League skins and such was great and all but they missed the most acclaimed superhero in the movie "Flash." I don't really know if this was a mistake or not but if they soon add it, I'd be fine.

Why I'm mad at Injustice 2

This app has way too many glitches and I was way more far in the area and I should have gotten Justice League Batman and you said you would fix the glitches but you haven't fixed it for months. I will take down this review if you can get me Justice League Batman

What the heck?

Ok so I downloaded the game then it keeps on saying error 507 or something like that it is very disrespectful and rude I think this game should work.

Grinding and more grinding

Newest update seems the crashing has gotten better. The computer in arena mode is harder than ever. Blocking only works sometimes but the computer can block and counter like there is no tomorrow. Arena threat is messed up and the story hasn’t continued in the newest update. Trying to collect shards to unlock and promote characters is ridiculous. The chest are stupid because you mainly get low level character shards. In the arena the same person is always on top with a ridiculous score that doesn’t even make sense.



Error Code 570

Developers, I have installed, set my phone to airplane mode, powered down my phone, uninstalled, reinstalled...nothing that I seem to do works. The game never starts for me. It just reads “Network Error: error code 570.” Please send a reply of what would help in this situation.


Great gráfics!!

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