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Crashes, Buttons, and No Going Back

When viewing characters, the home and back buttons don't even bulge when pressed. I constantly have to restart the entire game for it to work again.



Frustrating game

AI seems to be inefficient, taking most damage when it can block or dodge. Online play is usually an opponent that is greater than your character's talent. Could be much better.

Glitches for gems

The Harley Quin special 200 gem chests are only giving the 150 chest heroes. Nice glitch developers. Don’t bother clicking the App Support link because they don’t have any help or support links on the website for Injustice 2.



Horrible Customer Support!!

Worst customer support you could imagine. Charges me for things I didn't even purchase then no response. Seems pretty shady. The game has potential but has a long ways to go. Crashes constantly.

Best ever!!!

Best fighting game on the App Store

Good Game

It's a good game

It's good but things are in the way

First of all the game is okay it's not great but not bad so what's things holding it back.Well one thing is you don't earn a lot of jems but that's to be expected what is crazy is that on a dalily you earn 30 gems but the better box cost 250 that means if you don't earn other gems that means you have to login 9 days (but that was in my head so it's probable I'm wrong).Another thing is that must times you will get hit by a Super move well the Ai will hit all the time but most times you do it they Block that seems unfair.Also this is my thing but the super moves looks pretty bad so plz make a choice were you can do high quality middle quality and low quality also for the story plz do option were you can pick who you play as like green arrow or black kanary not seperately


Great game fun to play.


Love it. Combat is nice and clean, grind is pretty good, all around a great game in my opinion👍

Ore fun than the first!

WB really did some good work! You can play through the entire game and not have to spend money. Thank you from all the other moms and me out there !

Why do I need wifi to play?

Like the first injustice better

CRASHES, BUGS/GLITCHES, and LAGS galore. Makes game unintentionally unplayable and unfair

Game is PLAGUED with constant crashing, energy eating, and bugs that make gameplay unfair and unplayable. Crashes during loading any battles, in the middle of battles, right as you defeat opponent but before you receive XP, and EVEN right after you hit pause. Energy almost always eaten by game... it costs 8-16 points per battle, and each point takes ~10 mins to generate. Brief Summary: - Cannot progress past Heroic Battle 18, due to glitch (see other reviews; it's a universal problem). - Due to glitches, blocking rarely works, all special and super moves experience severe lags (require 6+ taps). By the time they enact, you've been combo'd on, super move'd on, and killed. Glitches prevent you from effectively disabling opponent special or super moves. In ANY close match, you WILL die. - Hero Boxes (both normal and premium) are laughably of poor quality, yet expensive. There is also NO difference in gold character yield rates between normal (150 gems) and premium boxes (250 gems). Dislike how game rips off users. Many other users have complained about this. It's gotten worse over time, too (I recently bought a box that yielded just FIVE hero shards). - At least in INJ1, you could pay for a guaranteed silver or gold character. In INJ2, there's no way to do that. You're stuck shelling out for expensive mystery boxes with frustratingly low yield rates. - Unfortunately, no real difference between most gold v silver characters. Most gold characters are not significantly stronger than silver characters at the same star and level. **After receiving a PUBLIC and private apology from developer over issues, they then requested my review's removal. Does developer want LEGITIMATE reviews, and want to MAKE improvements? Reposting review. ----- IN DETAIL... GAMEPLAY ISSUES: (1) CRASHING - CANNOT PROGRESS past Battle 18 in Heroic Campaign mode on iPhone 6+. This is a problem other players have experienced (see other reviews). I have lost 14x15 energy points. - CONSTANT ENERGY EATING. The app still crashes frequently, and it eats your energy. Dev has acknowledged issues with this and said they addressed it in last update. Unfortunately, issue persists. - Crashing and lags increase as you level up. - NO SOLUTION. Dev sent me a list of suggestions for decreasing crashing, including: no other apps in background, minimum 2 GB data free, turning phone on/off, putting airplane mode on/off, power-cycling. I tried it all. No difference. ----- (2) BUGS, LAGS, & UNFAIR/UNPLAYABLE GAMEPLAY - BLOCKING RARELY WORKS (~1/4 of the time). It's as if the phone cannot register the blocks (or other special/super moves). - MEANWHILE, opponent blocks often, perfectly, and can often block you mid-power move. They can also MOVE AWAY from your special or power move after initiation. But YOU CANNOT do any of this to opponents. - SEVERE LAGS in SUPER & SPECIAL MOVES. Must tap 6+ times, until game recognizes action. By then, you've been repeatedly attacked, combo'd on, or killed. - NO POINT in COMBO CHAINS, due to above issues. - GLITCH PREVENTS YOU FROM DISABLING OPPONENT SPECIAL OR SUPER MOVES. Countdown disabling timer runs, but they still enact the moves. Meanwhile, opponents effectively disable you. ----- CHARACTERS ISSUES/INCONSISTENCIES: (1) HERO BOXES ARE LAUGHABLY POOR QUALITY, with low yield rates for valuable heroes - I just bought a Box, and it yielded FIVE Silver Hero SHARDS for a character I already had. Awful, and it was expensive. I wish I could give back the 5 shards and get the gems back. (2) There's no difference between the Premium Hero Boxes, which cost 250 gems, and normal Hero Boxes, which cost 150 gems. - Many other users commented on this. It's awful that many users shelled out for Premium Boxes, without reaping any rewards. (2) Developer need to work on consistency within character classes - Some "agility class" characters are very slow... slower than other class characters. What's the point of agility class characters if they're slower than non-agility class characters? Gold Robin is slow and laggy. (3) Inconsistency between Gold v Silver characters - Since Gold characters are more rare, you'd think they'd be more powerful than silver characters. Not always the case. Weak gold characters = Cyborg, Robin, etc. ----- BAD GAMEPLAY: (1) 1 shared power bar. As other players have mentioned, this is an unpopular changed feature from INJ1. (2) As you level up, it becomes too hard and rare to amass gems (less opportunities for achievement awards).

Pretty good

Just newly played the game and everything seems okay, would recommend, i hope they would include some of the villains in the roaster or something like that.

Really good



I had 160,000 coins and I bought one 40,000 coin box opening and it changed me 80,000. The same thing happened when I payed 75 gems to get 5 shards for cyborg. Instead of spending 75 it spent 155 and I had 1,050 gems

Good game


Fun game.

Just started it and really enjoying it plus has a nice roster to work on getting.

Good game, should be able to work towards the heros you want

Definitely better than mkx mobile and injustice 1. I just wish you could save up and unlock the characters you want with those purple shards. Also I have a demand, add black manta and red hood asap

Great game!!

Love the console version and this lets me play injustice 2 on the go!! Love it!

Best game ever

Love it

Great overall

Fun but a little buggy and slow sometimes

love it

omg i love this app i would give up like all my games for it

Like marvel contest of champions but worse

Gameplay is laggy, load time is long and gameplay is just not fun. This game is milking dc fans

Much better

Downloaded day 1 but the fighting was slow and clunky the updates have greatly improved this, might become my #1 game to play

Great game but keeps crashing

Awesome game but it crashes at the worst times! I've lost gems, arena chances and stamina because of it! It crashes 2-3 times an hour!


Story level 4 impossible



Multiplayer is unbalanced

I like this game but multiplayer is unbalanced and it's hard to get the challenge characters please fix this


I would first like to mention that adding the story line portion of the game is exactly what was needed that makes this game a whole lot better than the first. And the addition of characters like Super Girl, Starfire, Black Canary, Dr. Fate make this game a whole lot funnier to play than the first one! Please keep up adding new & Better characters than you you gave us in the 1st one! I completely got burned out in the first one because after awhile all you would get is several of the same characters with merely different outfits and one different special ability. Which I Hope WON'T carry over to this game! Now the DOWNSIDE of this game is merely some simple fixes that would make this game a whole lot better to play. The first thing I would recommend is allowing players to get rid of that stupid auto play button at the top by giving us the option to disable or remove the auto play button when we want to. I cannot tell you how man battles I lost just because I have long fingers and no matter what I do I keep hitting that stupid auto play button! Which creates a huge amount of frustration on my part! I also agree with other players that there can be a huge lag in the reaction time of your players be the AI, which clearly the AI does not suffer from! Another thing that I dislike that many other players that I have noticed that dislike about the game which I really do agree with is the drop rate during challenges! The amount of Shards You get per match is very little! I really truly hope the developers and programmers will take my suggestions to heart, especially about not falling into the trap of the first game by rehashing the same heroes and villains several time over! Just give us players new heroes and villains to play rather than rehashing the same ones over and over again. And please give us players the option of turning off or removing the AUTO PLAY button in settings! Fix these items along with the lag in character moves versus AI and this game would be worthy of 5 Stars! Till then, this game gets a 2 Star Rating from me. And please add the other TEEN TITANS to this game as well! Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read my review and to take serious consideration into the fixes that I have mentioned. AND PLEASE STOP ADDING MORTAL COMBAT CHARACTERS TO THIS DC UNIVERSE GAME! That is why there is a Mortal Combat game in the first place is for people who like playing Mortal Combat!


This game gets two 👍🏾👍🏾 up


I love it just as much as I love the console versions. But I wish they would add more characters



Worth it

Simple yet satisfying.


Subzero Challenge - Can't you do a reliable input design? Why do only 25-30% of inputs actually register? Is it your gross incompetence, dishonest QA and money grubbing management that prevent a reliable and useable interface? I have to hit an Ability 3-5 times before it actually activates. Of course the AI is never stunned, parries about 60% of hits and has 0 lag when activating their Abilities. Oh, and will step out of range or block over 50% of Abilities. Making a new box opening animation is nice but fighting is the core of this game. Rein in the parries, with an unresponsive interface they're virtually a deal breaker. Focus on responsive fighting. We don't need Black Manta or Raiden, we need responsive, reliable controls. And get rid of the endless parries, magic block breaks, magic unblockables, magic instantaneous AI swaps and other reprehensible garbage that is destroying this game. AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, FIX THE GEM DROP RATE! It's been broken for the past few weeks and is even worse during a challenge. (9/20) No GEMS - Only got 50 gems from operations this weekend. The typical amount is 120-150/day. Maybe this is in retaliation for providing a generous amount of Wonder Woman shards in the challenge. Arena AI - Arena cards are as bad or worse than other AI. They are supposed to be "real" cards but they pull all same garbage as the other AI with magic energy, unblockables, block breaking at will, instant swaps mid-combo, swaps within 2 frames of your swaps and getting first hits or instant Abilities 3x-5x stated damage. It's so freaking infuriating. Since these developers have been emasculated by the feminists, perhaps they should go the rest of the way. AI Balance - The AI cards do way beyond reasonable damage and are geared to destroy any chance at developing a combo. If you build a small combo as you build enough energy for an Ability, the AI either sweeps you before you get full energy or preempts your attack by swapping cards mid-combo and usually hitting you with something that knocks you down to 1 hit. The number of blocked Abilities with 0 hit combos that hit for 65-95% damage is absurd. I got hit with a Master Thief Catwoman "Slash Dash" that did over 5k damage in less than the 2 seconds it took swap cards. When that card came back in, it was a single hit. There better be a soft-patch coming soon. (9/5) Starfire Shards (v 1.6) - After completing a full double 4 cycles of tiers 1 & 2 (32 matches) I won 53 Starfire Shards, a 33% reduction. Previous updates would result in 80 shards. The energy cost for the first 2 tiers has been reduced by 10% (15 vs 18) but winnings by 33%. This is frustrating and seriously twisted. (9/4) Cheap AI - The AI doesn't follow its own rules and established behaviors. Do you think you know when it's safe to attack? Think Again! A basic career battle will show how incredibly cheap and unpredictable the AI is in this game. The AI will suddenly generate energy at mind blowing speeds and pummel you when you think they can't. They'll smash you with an Ability at 100 combo level at ZERO hits! All this whenever they freaking please. Do you think you can actually win? Not a chance, the AI will pull out a magic Ability in a clutch moment and launch it at an impossible time when you should be able to launch yours. Nothing like a pig with a ring in its snout. I don't have $1000s to throw at this or Twitch donations to fund progress in this piece of garbage. (9/2) Starfire (v 1.6) - She's nowhere near the stated Threat. It feels like she's 2x to 3x higher. Her basic hits do more than any of my Abilities. She is way overpowered. You thought old Dr. Fate was unfair? Well, Starfire redefines NR filth dredging records. She'll take 90% of your health on a tag-in Ability or 30% with her 3-hit aerial ranged attack, both while blocked. All those liars who claimed to beat these challenges at half the threat, say goodbye to your gems, stamina and sanity. Oh, and the AI can now combo a jump attack (always at least 2 hits now) into an Ability. She also loves to sweep and must have at least 70% Fast Attack because she can seemingly pre-empt any hit or Ability she likes. (9/2) Poison Ivy (v 1.6) - Her minions sweep virtually every combo and they do the same floating double kick. They also seem to get a 75% of an unblockable hit before using abilities. This is rubbish. Ivy can take 25% of your against a blocked combo and 85% against usually unblockable ability 1. This has resulted in a 20% win ratio. This had been fixed in v. 1.5 but has returned in this update. STOP WASTING MY PRECIOUS STAMINA! (8/31) Interface: things are running faster and more smoothly (👍👍)

Injustice 2

Fun to play don't like that u can just buy characters like in original and that it's so hard to get jems to buy anything. Also don't like that it takes so many hours to refresh arena stamina shouldn't take 8-10 hrs to get more stamina The challenges should not be as hard as they are you should be able to win at least once and when u do u should win the character like in the original It's not fair that some people who have cheats can get everything while the rest of us don't get anything unless we want to spend a lot of real money to buy characters

Iron Fury Fists

This game is totally Awsome! Don't let haters bring you down from all the creativity. For starters you brought basically every D.C. character, then you add in a great storyline, and to top it all of you add awsome abilities. With me that's an instant 5 star.

Inj 2

It's ok but there're two things I don't like. One, it crashes a lot. Two, it requires a wifi network. Fix these, and I'll be 100% satisfied.



September 19th 1.6

My game won't load anymore it gets to the second screen before you get to the downloading profile and then stays that way really dissapointing


I kind of like it

It's ok

Why can't u buy characters like injustice? It takes way too long to acquire Gold characters.

Cool game!!!

Graphics are lit and gameplay is fun! Can you give us a character customization?

Good game

Clans would be nice

It's addicting!!

This game will grip almost every one. The true comic book buff will get stuck on their phone for hours of combat and upgrade hero play. Keep it coming oh dear comic book story line! I'm an Injustice fan forever!! Thanks for the coolest distraction I've had since my children where born!!!!


It's awesome good work if only you could block faster by pressing the left side of the screen

Could be better

Please fix the bugs keeps force closing during all the modes and almost impossible to get stars without spending money help help wow it keeps getting worse had to edit my stars keeps force closing on me have spent too much money on this game have the console version it's gotten worse have to buy characters on there too I'm never buying another injustice anything :(


This game is remarkable in graphics and technological manners.but unfortunately the greedy sponsors are not thinking it through . So many broken promises and mistimings. I suggest if u have nt started this game save ur time and money and spend it somewhere useful . Its a non sense addiction. Every updates makes it less desirable and user friendly and even harder to play. U WONT GET ANYTHING BY FREE GEMS REWARDED trust me on this one. And never open a single chest its a very easy way to sink all ur gems for stupid repetitive characters with no points. I am at level 60 now and i cant get further from rank 1500 in arena . There is something wrong and its a total INJUSTICE the game itself.dont start it,period.



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