Injustice 2 App Reviews

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Good game but my request is a bit weird

This is a fun game but I want to restart my progress I can’t remember what’s going on if I delete the app and get it back


Very good.

Used to like this game, but...

I enjoy the Injustice games but this game gets increasingly frustrating the more you play it. I think I have 31 or 32 characters so far. I’ve collected many of gems and have cashed them in for the boxes. I was getting characters but the last 20 times or so, I’ve been getting nothing but shards of characters that I already have...and not for characters with 4 stars but those with 2 stars. This is a JOKE! So now I’m stuck with the characters I have unless I stumble upon a miracle to get new characters. SHAME ON YOU, developers!

Iphone x screen not fully supported yet

It has been a year since iphone x realised And the screen is still not full supported(full screen) and now iphone max is realised and still same issue:(


Can you please add the arena dialogue?


This is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. I’m so addicted to the action and fighting from injustice 2.

I just want my account back

I played earlier this morning and I’ve been playing for over a year but when I tried to play again today, it made me start at the beginning. I know that there has been a problem with lost accounts before, so I’d like mine returned!!

Twinkle in the eye of the original

Feels like a giant paywall looms over this game. Get the original, you can compete without draining your wallet. This version will leave you frustrated as you either bust out the credit card or wait as the grind is hampered to the point where you need to pay

Is there story after Chapter 6?

I got through Chapter 6, but there doesn’t seem to be anything more to the storyline. What a disappointment.

Update shard trading

Dear Injustice 2 Please update the shard trading system. This doesn’t help to “adding to my collection” of heroes. I am only shards away to very strong heroes. Injustice 2 is a great game. So please make it better. Also can you please make the graphics a little better and reduce the chance of a silver hero and increase the chance of a gold and legendary hero?


This game is really fun!

No iPhone X support

Just this horribly cropped image and a slow game. It hasn't been update beyond iOS 10 to support faster and better designs. It is painfully slow in every step of the game. Stay away.

Injustice2 rocks

Fun quick game with fluid mechanics very satisfying wins

Best game ever!

Amaaaaaaaziiiiiiiinnng.This IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER!!!!

Good but had issues

I bought something and it didn’t show up

Good game!

Great game, just since the update the app will load and continuously be none responsive. I have to restart it 2 or 3 times before it plays

Great sequel

I enjoy this a lot

iPhone 6s Plus crash

The game keeps crashing on me either before the match during the loading screen or after the match during the winner screen, I’m on an iPhone 6s Plus, other then that, fun phone fighting game.

Still no iPhone X support???

Can you add iPhone X support?? Please???


Such an awesome game

Energy regen

The combat in the game is fun as hell but the catch is that the energy that it takes to fight with defend much to slowly. I just waited three or four hours and when I came back, I barely even had half full energy. You need to increase the regen speed of the energy so that we can do more of what we want rather than sitting around waiting.


Horrible AI please fix the dashing back two times.

Good game but orbs need a fix

So I like the game and all the characters and events that keep being added, but the orb system needs a fix, maybe every 10 stellar orbs can be turned into a cosmic orb, and every 10 cosmic orbs can be turned into a galactic orb, because as of right now I have more stellar orbs than there are silver characters in the game and I’ve been sitting on several five-Star cosmic orb heroes that are ready to be upgraded to six stars. Please do something to fix this orb system.. other than that keep adding characters to disrupt the JL meta, I like it!

I love anal justice 2

I’ve watched it 100’s if times when I feel hot and sweaty


Wouldn’t let me pick the Wonder Woman shard On the roster and I keep trying but nothing plz fix it

Awesome app8374783929273

You should add Batman beyond and deadman

Needs work

It should be easier to attain gear for certain heroes, and the shards system is very flawed.

Original was better.

This game is a lot less smooth than the first one. It feels like you have less control and there’s no time to react between attacks. Characters were better in first one. Also please adapt to IPhone X because playing with half my phone dark isn’t fun.

Love it

I absolutely love this game! It has great features to it. And you can spend hours of your day using it it is not a waste of time like everyone might say. And if you were thinking that I’m a fake person that’s paid by the developers, I’m not, trust me. You: “That’s exactly what a paid person would say” Me: “You wanna bet bro. I love the game and I will review as I like just watch me.” Developers, I thank you for such a good game. I will always remember the day I pressed install...

Injustice 1 was better

I don’t like the combat and the graphics are to dark. I think they should just focus on injustice 1 cause that’s a good game.

It’s ok.

It’s ok. not a five star though. If you are into mortal combat play this or marvel strike force

Having problems

Screen isn’t moving . I cannot do the fighting or anything. Some reason chat isn’t up.

It deleted my stuff

I was playing story then it kept taking me out of the game and then I beat swamp thing it froze took me out of the game and then deleted everything I had


Totally worth playing


I woke up I thought I might play some injustice 2 so I logged on then all of my power gems are gone I think someone hacked it or it’s just beacause you guys maybe took my power gems I may report you but I’m not

Why can’t I give negative stars? Why!

Fix your app! Stop sitting on your hands and fix the real, core problems. Ninja Batman, Bluebettle and whoever are not important— gameplay is where you need to focus. The Arena is completely broken. The AI turns on God Mode and predicts everything and soft locks the player at will. The AI always gets move priority. It preloads an attack, combo or Ability, while you are attacking. If you try to use an Ability at the end of a combo, the AI interrupts but can link 20-hit combos and Abilities together with instant character swaps which repeat the process. When it enters God Mode, you can’t do anything even though you should given the gaps/frame advantage. You get stunned on character swaps for 2 seconds while the AI gets zero lag launching magic +200% Abilities. On tag in, you *might* get the tag in combo or destroyed by the AI, but most often the AI dashes out of range and then hits first when you try to close the difference. AI always hits first when closing a distance. AI always hits first when it jumps and will hit first if you manage to get the wonky controls to actually jump. These issues persist in 2.4.1. Some have gotten worse. The dev team needs staff that is actually skilled. Problems: - broken overpowered AI - unresponsive controls - fraudulent business practices - nonfunctioning upgrade systems - poor communication - incompetent support - recent correspondence denied existence of long standing systems. Worthless morons. - continually raising requirements while lowering rewards - criminally low draw rates for in game chests that are made worse every update Software designers should be made responsible for designing things that cause damage to users’ devices. This software maker continually produces releases that do so. Perhaps NeatherRealm Studios would act more ethically and responsibly if these costs were on the line.

It’s great

But why does story mode stop at chapter six?

Injustice 2

This game is alright, the graphics are wonderful but the gameplay can be difficult at times. It takes a lot of grinding to build up your super heroes. Over all it’s a good game.


I really like the game

Original American


Thoughts and ideas

I like the game a lot, it’s fun to play while watching tv or listening to music but it’s too much of a grind to promote characters without being really lucky by getting them consistently out of chest and the percentages of silver characters from all chest is really high especially for the heroic and special chest for certain characters from different dc comics/movies that are worth 300 gems otherwise its a pretty good game.


Best game I have ever Played!!!!!!!!!

Lives Up To Brand

Great Graphics , Nice And Easy Controls , Story Mode , And Big Roster . Great Game Guys 🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯

fix the bugs

the game have a lot of bugs and when the story mode is opened it can be slower than normal to load and it always shut down

I’m not happy!!

I’ve been a great customer and I’ve spent a lot of money on this game.. you need a sign in. If there is one please send me a link. I can’t get my account that I’ve spent lots of money on.. I switch from one iPhone to another and my game is gone. This is bull****!!! Send me a link to sign into my previous account or refund me my money..

Injustice 2

Good for fans of the first game and for fans of DC


Fun but nearly impossible to get new fighters. Get gems only to get the same hero’s over and over. Takes weeks just to be disappointed.


Amazing game


Trying doing the story and makes it so frustrating you want to just delete it then

Not a total time waster for a change

This game is vary user friendly and fun game. Needs a way to balance the games out a little better a lot of really one sided match ups

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