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That arena bar

I love youre game but you need to fix the arena bar cause every time i play arena it is so annoying cause the bar keeps going down can you fix it

Glitchy glitchy glitchy

Title says it all. For a couple months the game couldn’t even open without crashing, now when I get to the main title screen i cannot click anything. Fix the game.

My rate

Best game I have ever Played!!!!!!!!!



Remove the super

Half of the campaign missions are nearly impossible to finish do to the annoying yellow button that kills anything immediately. Can’t wait until the third one comes out without it. I can only wish anyway.

This game is amazing!

I love this game! It’s so great! There’s nothing wrong with it! Except that it’s hard to collect gems and shards! That’s the only downside that I’m hard with. But, eventually I’ll complete my goal of getting more gems and hero shards/getting heros’.

They want money!

I like this game, it has great graphics, good playability, and they update it often. The only real problem I have is that they want me to spend money for crystals to get hero shards. I don’t mind that, but when I spend my crystals for a hero creates that have a higher chance of a Gold character, or a Special Gold character, and don’t produce after 10 creates bought, I tend to get upset. Bottom line get it to play, but don’t believe the increased chance for character BS they try to sell you on.

From bad to worse to better

I have changed my review from 1 Star to 3 for a few reasons. First the new update combat glitch was resolved now it seems smoother. They reworked a few important heroes to make life a touch better and lastly they revamped the arena in a ver generous and rewarding way. The game seems increasingly less stingy now and is more on par with other games as far as rewards for the amount of effort you put into it. Still only 3 stars because the game runs too hot on the iPhone X. Can’t do 3 league battles in a row due to glitching, I suspect it has something to do with the back ground Probably should cap the frame rates but idk.

Lost My Account

I played this game for a good couple months and recently, I go into the game and my account was reset. I had a lot of stuff and I ask that the developers help me to get it back. Thank you.


Love the game. Been playing since it first came out. Recently, however it is crashing and I haven’t been able to login. Tried redownloading the app and everything. Still crashes.

Very good



Really good game

Wow guys...

I had enough arena medals to buy unbreakable cyborg, but I didn’t have enough gems. Do I complete a chapter, get 50, and go back. What do I find? I only have 5 left. I had 305, got 30 shards, why do I only have 5 left? I can’t believe you guys

Greedy developers

This game sets you up for failure and leaves you scammed and upset. It’s fun but the developers are just so greedy that they make it hard to be in the winners circle even when I do a arena mode and make it high when I come back it’s low again and they lied many times.

Retrogressive game

Injustice 1 is much better than this game, even it is injustice “2”

iPhone X not supported

Not support iPhone X

Terrible fighting mechanics

Overall the game is great and has the potential to be even better. My problem is I find myself constantly dealing with the AI doing moves I physically can’t do, they’ll hit me in the middle of a combo or I’ll be sitting there pressing one of my power attacks only to watch them use 3 in a row and faint all my characters even when I pressed mine far before then even tried to hit me. Arena has gotten to the point where the pay wall is so huge it’s unplayable unless you want to invest a stupid amount of time into it, the characters they’ve added make it impossible to beat a team 3 times your threat level when that used to be a feasible thing. Not to mention the plethora of characters with powers that make what should be an easy fight an extremely annoying and drawn out blocking fest.

Bad AI

Don’t bother with this game, because the cpu cheats at every opportunity it gets, what do I mean, well let’s see, overuse of the super move, characters not responding properly to swipes or taps, and what else, oh yes the cpu stalling time to use the super move, I’m not satisfied with this experience at all and this game isn’t in any way a fair fighting game, so unless these developers want people to keep up the bad reviews then they need to massively tweak a lot of things 👿☠️

Fun to play, but hard to advance

Extremely hard to get characters with out spending a lot of money, and to get the orbs you need is next to impossible... great gameplay, but quite hard to advance in the game

Not Amazing

There are lots of things that could be fixed. I could give you a huge essay on the matter but I'll keep it simple. Not exactly quality gameplay.

Come join the league lit fam squad

Come join the league lit fam squad SRE925

Update the game

They need to update the game for iPhone XS max Screen size!!

Stressed fan of the game

Dont get me wrong I love this game but I'm giving it 2 stars because I previously played it on an iPhone 6s and the block button was unresponsive and I currently own an iPhone XS and the block button is still unresponsive and at this point I feel like the developers are not paying attention to this problem at all. I've also read the reviews and I seen I'm not the only one who is having this problem and it really frustrates because I'm using it on a new iOS device. You guys have the hardware to make the changes do something

Fun game but needs updating

I was hesitant to play this game previously due to having an older device but since updating to the iPhone XS Max I decided to jump in. The game itself is fun with lots of battles to take part in, however, there are bugs that need addressing. The game recognizes my device as an iPhone 8, which is worrisome. It appears the game isn’t updated to take full advantage of the power of the latest phones. Also, numerous times the game will have a codec issue and the background environment will go tie-dye along with the character uniforms. All in all, a great way to pass the time. Just needs some updating for new devices.

Ruined by other challenges

Ever since the newer updates the game creators haven’t put up some of the first challenges like Warrior Queen Wonder Woman .


Can’t even get past the tutorial after it tells me to go to abilities there’s no other button then cancel

Needs a better update

No Optimizations for iPhone X XS and XS Max

Not leaving the “Logging in to Your Profile” screen

I downloaded this game because I was a fan of the first one. When I first downloaded it, it took forever to load but I thought it was just my internet connection. I reloaded it at a different internet connection and it was still on the same screen saying, “Logging in to Your Profile... 100%” I decided to reinstall it. I reinstalled the game 6 times already and it is still having the same issue. I have never played the game as it doesn’t let me get pass this screen. I don’t know what’s causing this problem but I’m disappointed.


The game gives you the chance to get a premium character chest, but you NEVER get even a gold! I spent 250 gems on one for Poison Ivy, but instead got a trash regular Deadshot. This would have taken just 10 shards! Totally not worth it. And when I originally started playing the game, I got a Poison Ivy, but then my game was completely wiped. The only good thing is the characters and their moves.


I like this game

Love the game

I’ve been playing since it came out but it needs to have full screen on iPhoneX now that there are 3 phones with the larger screen.

Fix things

Good game but here is some things you need to fix: 1.) Characters that have 50k Health should be able to battle through the campaign easily not have those characters with strong health on your team get 1 shotted by campaign teams 2.) Lower the percentage of getting silvers and duplicates 3.) Change the Ultimate Bar like MK X where if a new character gets tagged in the bar resets Please look into these and fix it so its fair

Eh 📉 (Ups and Downs, More Downs than Ups)

2.25 ⭐️ at best Glitches are more than above average. Buttons don’t work as fast as touch screen (or at least not in synchronization with what you press and when you press it). Also needs bug fixes for I have had more than a few issues with opening achievements and getting charged for something I never purchased.

How good is the game

A really good game

One thing

I only ever had one problem with the game. It’s kind of slow loading wise. Simple things like equipping gear takes much longer than it should. Doing a lot of things takes too long


Will the firestorm event come back???

Fun game

Worth playing


It kills the time pretty good

Crooked Game

This game crooked as all hell, The shady developers programmed this game so the block button doesn’t work for you but works the Ai all the time even in situations where there is no possible way it should. The special attack buttons are severely unresponsive and don’t work when you press them. The Tag in Tag out buttons are severely unresponsive and don’t work when you press them. On they’re Twitter account they falsify video clips they show on there to try and not show you these problems but all you have to do is play a couple times(which I wouldn’t recommend cuz then you have to actually download this scam) and you’ll see it for yourself. They’ve LIED countless times in they’re game updates saying they fix these problems but they NEVER have. And for those people out there who say “well if you don’t like it don’t play” well it doesn’t work that way cuz when you play a game for over a year or longer and invest your time & money into it then they drastically change the entire game basically making all that time & money spent completely useless and flushed down the toilet it pisses you off & leaves you feeling cheated and scammed.

Great game.

Game is great but got weird bug.My energy doesn’t fill up when I’m not in a game otherwise would be 5 star.Please help.Thank you.

Worst update, worst gameplay, no response to input of controls

Absolutely terrible. It seems that with every update, the game becomes more ludicrous!!! Gameplay How can you make the input delayed by 1-2 seconds and have the AI respond within a fraction of what you’ve already input?!? Swipe attacks, jump attacks, and evade input almost never work, especially when you’re trying to do combos. It’s practically useless for beginners to even start this game since all they’re gonna run into is overpowered characters as well as getting frustrated with the AI countering everything you throw at it. I lost to multiple battle because my character stopped and did nothing when I used a swipe attack, evade, or jump attack. Characters As each update continues, the developers continue to ignore and won’t ever bother nerfing the overpowered characters. Immune to power drain? Gain power from power drain? Life drain enemies? If your gonna do something where they are way too overpowered in damage, at least make them have little health. As well as older base characters are virtually useless in this game. Now it’s all about “injustice teams” where’s the diversity of characters? As well as other characters are pay to play, who’s gonna pay $50 for a character that’s no longer worth the price, *cough* suicide squad Harley quinn. Multiplayer When the game first started, you could make 10 million points and you would be elite 3 and gain allot of credits, shards, and gems. Now with 10 million, you’ll be lucky to get competitor 2. This game started out great with the beginning characters and new gameplay with working attacking input and the online multiplayer was great with the rewards you get. Now they made it impossible to play except for people who pay to play. If there was a negative rating it would be -3.5 stars

Please fix touch input

Every time when fighting in Arena and try to press a move it won’t do it or when tapping to fight. There’s just to much of a delay on almost every move and it’s starting to get frustrating. Please fix the game is awesome but not with this Error.

Excellent Fun

Hey it works great I enjoy the challenges and characters.

The game is not for you if you just want to play a game.

The makers made the story impossible unless you practically cheat and it is impossible to get any good characters

Aqua man

How do I get aquaman for injustice gods among us for iOS


I absolutely love everything about Injustice 2. Best game in the App Store in my opinion but as of late maybe the past couple of weeks the app has been crashing. It’ll open up and then just quit. Here within the last few days though the app has not opened at all. The loading bar stops at about 57% and then the app quits. I still give 5 stars cause I know you guys will get this fixed. Other than that great job building an awesome game.


You didn’t give me free gems so I hate you

Great game

Fun, never gets boring great game

Injustice 2 Review

good addictive game, love the characters and their skills. recommended!!!

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